All you need to know about the martingale system

It is one of the oldest systems or strategies still in use, especially in روليت. Although the expert players don’t find this strategy an effective one, many players still use it. The basic idea of the strategy is to double up your bet every time you lose. It does not sound very normal, but it is a strategy. What you need to do, every time the result is against your bid is to just double your initial bet. The strategy as it sounds is very easy to implement, you don’t have to be a pro at gambling for applying this strategy. But you need to be careful while using it or else you may end up in losses.

How to use it?

Every time you lose your bet, increase your bid amount exactly to double the initial one. In such a way, you keep increasing the bet until you win the bid. The logic behind the strategy is when you will win you will have your initial money back with you and no loss will be there. Looking at an example for it, supposing in your first bid you bet for x amount and you lose. The next time you need to bet twice of x, let’s say it is x1. And if the odds are not in your favor one more time, then you will lose x1. But the next time you will bet for twice of x1 and suppose you win, you will get your initial bet amount and that is how you can use this technique to cover your losses.

The risks involved

The strategy is although simple to apply but does not ensure the profits. The basic logic behind it says you need to keep on betting until you win, but what if you are out of cash? The moment you stop betting you will have huge losses with you. And it is very much possible you run out of cash. So if you are a new player and want to limit your risk, then the strategy is too risky. And by this approach, you are increasing your bets exponentially, which can make you run out of cash quickly. Some gambling places have limits over the bets, and if you do not win the bid, you will get no chance to increase the bid, and eventually, you will lose all the money.

Does it help?

If you think in a brief span, the technique may give you profits, but because of the exponential rise in your bets, it is perilous to use it in the long run. It is like trying to win a slight amount by putting an extensive amount at stake, and this is not a suitable way to play. Using such a technique where the risk increases with every bet, you may end up with no money or very little winnings and you may lose your interest in the game too.